Keith Hopewell aka Part2ism is one of the UK’s original pioneers, forever challenging the boundaries of contemporary street art. From geometric cardboard installations worldwide to huge fine art nudes wearing gas masks in London's East end and floral skulls, Keith has continuously reinvented himself for over 20 years. Recognized internationally for laying down the foundations for photo-realist work in spray paint at the beginning of the 90's, Keith also has a 10 year back catalogue of critically acclaimed recordings for Ninja Tunes 'Big Dada' label. A true shape-shifter of our time, Part2ism has always, ignored the hype and trends putting an enormous amount of creative energy into building for the broader culture and forging his own direction.

Operating in the north of England, Keith learnt his trade as a graffiti artist in the 80's under the moniker Part 2 and progressed quickly into more iconoclastic and abstract lettering until eventually experimenting with surreal imagery. His next experiments with photo-realism was to be the formula that propelled Keith's reputation internationally and his sober, tempered impressionistic art has been gracing publications since. As Part 2, his music recordings have received an equal amount of exposure in the press and on channels such as MTV. Keith also, produced many sleeves and graphics for major labels such as Island records and London records.

Keith’s art consistently challenges our perception and conception within a modern consumerist society, often using religious and military imagery. The built up textures from the application of car spray are reminiscent of old black and white grained film, you can visually feel and smell it which enhances the sensual tones of his nude figures and faces. Currently Keith has been working with images such as fighter jets, insects and skulls to produce a 3-D finish by painting over pasted media with transparent spray paint. His work in both form and content is bold, beautiful and jarring, reflecting the dissonance of the modern industrial world and invading the mind, body and spirit on many levels.

Recent exhibitions include his 'Artillery For Pleasure' show at London's Urban Angel gallery and 'Post Human' at C4 Centre Of Contemporary Art on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.