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J Art M&C brings you a wide range of high quality modern and contemporary art, carefully selected to suit any collection.

We offer modern, and contemporary  works from important art movements and periods, as Pop Art and CoBrA.

While browsing a part of our inventory, we hope you will find something that appeals you.

Payment must be made by wire transfer, cash, approved check,  MasterCard / Visa or Paypal.  We  reserve  the right to require bank checks for large purchases.

Buyers not known to us who  wish to  write  a check must provide  a current letter of credit from their bank guaranteeing funds  for that  account.

Credit arrangements must be made so bank statements can be verified.

We pack  and/or crate  all items in house.  Your purchase will be shipped with priority airmail. Other shipping methods  are  available  (as DHL, UPS , FedEx or TNT), if buyer specifically requests so. We may at our discretion and  at  purchaserís request, package  and ship items  as directed by purchaser.

Purchaser  agrees that packing and shipping is done  at  the purchaserís risk. Purchaser shall pay in advance  all packing expenses, materials, carrier fees  and insurance charges.
We will combine items  for shipping if dimensions  and weight  allow so, though limited to 3 items per package. Please  allow three  weeks  from receipt of payment for shipping.

J ART M&C shall have no liability for any loss or damage to shipped items.

Buyer has own responsibility to check duties  and fees to be paid if he is importing, prior to ordering.

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